Compacted soils and organic debris can starve grass roots of air, water, and nutrients. When this happens, the roots become weak and can die. Due to soil being packed down, a healthy lawn can turn into a dead wasteland in as little as a few weeks. It is important to give your grass these nutrients to insure that the roots are strong and healthy. The process of perforating the soil to provide the roots with air, water, and nutrients is called aeration.

At times, lawns lose the liveliness and color of their grass for seemingly no reason. This is because the warning signs of a suffocating lawn are difficult to notice and easy to ignore. Many people do not know how to determine if aeration of their lawn is necessary. Your lawn probably needs to be aerated if:

-It was established with sod or soil layering. Soil layering occurs when sod or fine soil is imported and used to display grass. The tougher soil is below the fine soil and the water does not drain down. This leads to problems with root development and compact soil. Aeration mixes the soils to distribute necessary resources to the roots evenly.

-The thatch layer is too thick. If your soil feels dried out or spongy, test your lawn’s layering. The thatch layer is directly below the grass and is composed of decomposing grass and other organic material. To test the thatch layer, take a sample of your lawn. The thatch layer should be distinguishable and under half an inch thick. If it is thicker than half of an inch, your lawn needs to be aerated.

-Is used heavily, such as a playground or a biking ground. If people walk, drive, or bike over your lawn frequently, you should aerate.

Your lawn is important. It is the area that surrounds your home. If the lawn is is bad condition, it gives a message about the people inside the home. Investing in aeration can save money long-term; as re-planting grass is a costly and time-consuming burden. If you believe that your lawn is in need of aeration, call us today and speak to one of our professionals. We will fix and maintain your lawn with the highest level of care.

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