Lot Clearing

New building projects are started in vacant lots every day. These lots are usually empty, except for small items and debris. The land has been neglected for years and there are many obstacles in the lot. Many lots and fields are littered with debris such as stones, gravel, stumps, and bricks. These things are usually hidden by grass, making them a safety hazard. Any walking or other activity could result in a serious injury. This is why it is important to get any debris off the property and clear it before any building or other work is done in the area. In addition, residential yards should be checked and cleared frequently before mowing or other activities are done on the property.

Cleaning your lot or yard is dangerous and time-consuming. Most times, many items need to be removed before a yard or lot can be deemed “safe.” Some items could be too heavy to lift by hand, and equipment must be used. This process can take days of work and precious time. Hidden items such as sharp glass or stone could send you to the emergency room. Most people consider the cleaning process a hassle. However, there is an alternative. Our professional lot clearing service can send experienced professionals to clear your lot or yard in a matter of a few hours. We can clean anything in your lot, including:

-Concrete blocks
-High grass
-Tree branches and leaves
-Heavy items such as scrap metal or wood

No matter how big your job, our trained individuals can clean any lot and prepare it for activity. Contact us today to speak to a professional and communicate your lawn or lot cleaning needs. We will survey the job; and as soon as possible, we will send our experienced individuals to prepare a team of Bobcats and other equipment to clear your lot. We will clear your area with quality and care to assure that all of your lot cleaning needs are addressed.

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