Mulch Installation

Mulching may bring about drastic changes to your landscape. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, mulching can bring your yard many benefits while providing aesthetic looks. We provide professional mulching for residential and commercial properties. Here are 5 reasons to choose our mulching services.

Eliminates weeds

The most important benefit of mulching is weed suppression, which is essential to maintain the look of your property. Mulching does not allow weeds to grow easily, keeping your property healthier for longer. Our services provide a complete weed removal before laying down new mulch, reducing the occurrence of weeds. Laying down weed preventer further restricts the growth of weeds in the plant beds and keep your landscape looking great.

Retains Water

New mulch also increases the water retention capacity of the soil. Mulching strengthens the soils capability to hold water and prevent quick evaporation of moisture from the surface. As a result, rain water or irrigation water is absorbed well and needs less watering thereafter. Our much installation ensures high quantity of mulch material to promote effective moisture retention throughout the entire beds and reduce your effort to water the beds frequently.

Control pests

Choosing the right mulch can help in keeping pests and insects away from your garden. Cedar mulch is known to control pests naturally. A professional application of mulch will also ensure that there are no heaps which could attract insects.

Control Soil Temperature

Another benefit of mulching is controlling the soil temperature. The temperature of soil plays an important role in keeping the plants in good form. It assists germination and helps with their growth. Too hot or too cold soil temperatures can be harmful for the plants. An even spread of mulch is needed to maintain an ideal temperature of the soil beneath it. We will deliver and spread the mulch in a way that it spreads evenly and increases the efficacy of the soil. If you choose to apply mulch in early summer, it will help in keeping the soil cooler in hot summers. Whereas, good quality mulch will allow the soil to retain heat before winters and prevents the roots from becoming damaged in the winter.

Provide nutrients

The mulch material provided by our company is of highest quality, which ensures proper nutrition to the roots. Mulch with good quality material contains adequate amounts of organic matter like wood chips and leaves, which decompose slowly and provides nutrient rich matter to the soil. It reduces the need of providing additional fertilizers and helps with the growth of plants.

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