New Lawn Installation

Lawn installation is a difficult task for non-professionals. To spare difficulties associated with installing new grass, most people choose to hire our lawn installation service. Our experienced team can prepare and install a beautiful new lawn with ease

Our lawn installation service provides a lawn using seeds. This is a process where we prepare the soil and use seeds to grow the grass naturally. This insures that the roots form correctly and the grass receives enough nutrients.

When installing a new lawn from seeds, it is important to prepare the soil for the seeds. This needs to be done to insure that the soil has proper drainage and nutrients. First, any weeds or grass must be removed. Then, we till the ground and add two inches of a mixture of sand and compost. Lime or sulfur might need to be added to balance the soil’s pH level. Then, we add starter fertilizer to ensure that the seeds have nutrients and rake it in the soil. After the soil is fertilized, we rake the grass seeds into the soil. After the seeds are placed, we verify that the grass is watered two or three times a day from five to fifteen minutes. It is important to follow these steps, but sometimes we need to adjust the amount of substances that we use.

Sometimes, “professional” lawn installation services skip steps that they feel are not necessary. Our lawn installation service does not shortcut through any of these steps. We want to verify that your lawn is installed with quality and care. Call us today to speak to a professional and arrange your new lawn installation. We can turn your mediocre lot into a stunning beauty in just a few days.

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