Retaining Walls


A retaining wall is a structure used to close in and restrain soil in slopes. Retaining walls are usually used to compact soil where the landscape’s slope is undesirable. Retaining walls can also serve commercial and residential aesthetic purposes. If a resident or company would like to place plants or restrain soil on an inclined plane, retaining walls can keep the soil in and hold the plants upright. Retaining walls are also placed in landscapes where water runoff could cause hillside erosion.

Though flat foundations are a rare sight in many areas, they are desirable for safety and appearance. Inclines are a safety hazard, especially to children, as it is easy to slip and fall down the hill. Retaining walls aid in fixing this problem. By holding back gargantuan amounts of soil from sliding down, retaining walls are constantly in a battle with gravity. If soil on an incline is not restrained by a retaining wall, the soil could slide down from the foundation and damage the surrounding property. In addition to safety and foundation benefits, retaining walls provide inviting seating and usable yard space as they provide flat land. Retaining walls can be build with cement, stone, brick, or wood.

Building a retaining wall is a hassle to non-engineers. While they may seem simple on paper, retaining walls actually take a lot of time and work. There are many types of walls, including anchored, gravity, piling, and cantilever. It is important to determine what kind of wall is necessary for your land. In addition, the height, drainage, and distribution of weight are also important in making a decent retaining wall. It is usually suggested that a professional overlooks the installation of a retaining wall. Our experienced engineers and professionals can install quality retaining walls quickly. Contact us today to speak to a qualified professional and discuss your quality retaining wall. With our experienced crew, your business or home could have flatter land in as soon as a few days.

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