Rockhound Service

With the ongoing establishment of new residential and commercial properties, our Bobcat services are an optimal resource for the early stages of landscape development. Among these services is our Rockhound clearing and leveling service. Before homeowners or contractors lay sod or seed on a landscape, it is important to ensure that the landscape has been cleared of unwanted debris and leveled correctly. If these precautions are not taken, the root development of the grass could be hindered. In addition, rainwater could cause damage to the property and unwanted valleys lower the value of the property. Instead of using many men and wheelbarrows to haul and level a landscape, new Bobcat technology has allowed timely and painless clearing and leveling services. Using a Bobcat attachment called a Rockhound rake, our insured and experienced professionals can level and clear your landscape in a timely and productive manner. While other services may take shortcuts and skip vital steps, our specialized team takes special precautions to ensure that your property and wishes are respected.

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